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Happy's Little JobEdit

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One day, as Happy finds a job request that involves catching a rare fish, he becomes ecstatic. Lucy, seeing this, tells him to calm down, saying that he is scaring her. Not phased, Happy continues in his cries of glee, but Lucy tells him that it doesn't sound as if it will be that tasty. Natsu tells her that if she believes that then she does not need to come, but Lucy shockingly asks who said she was coming in the first place. Later, as they head out on the job, Happy says he finds it cute that Lucy came anyway, to which Lucy explains she just wants to see a fish flying through the air and she has no interest in eating it. Natsu then asks her what she is talking about, warning her that if she doesn't look out, the fish will eat her. As he says this, several of the fish appear and begin to bite Lucy. Lucy says she wishes she had known this earlier and exclaims she shouldn't have come. As Happy begins to fish, Lucy pulls out a book. After a few minutes of trying, Happy decides to give up, which Lucy taunts him for. She then tells him that if he really wants the fish, he should keep going. However, upon hearing this, Happy runs away exclaiming that Lucy is picking on him, causing her jaw to drop in shock as she says she thought that she was cheering him on. As they finish their job and head home, Lucy tries the fish, stating it is terrible. Natsu, eating some meat, asks if she really thinks so, causing her to yell at him to actually try the fish. Happy tries it and begins to fade into ecstasy. Lucy says he must be so happy right now, but as she says so, Happy spits it out, exclaiming it is terrible, shocking Lucy once more.[1]

Happy's Little Job 2Edit

File:Natsu after eating a strange mushroom.jpg

As Happy, Natsu and Lucy take another job to find a type of mushroom, Happy states he knows one thing, which Lucy asks about, leading Happy to reply that Natsu always eats a type of poison mushroom called laughing bamboo. Natsu, eating a handful of mushrooms, responds he would never do such a thing, but Lucy says it doesn't matter and they should just keep searching. As Natsu begins to choke, Lucy worriedly asks if he is alright. As the choking stops, Natsu sprouts a mushroom on top of his head, shocking Lucy. Happy looks on disappointed as it was not laughing bamboo and Lucy asks if he is seriously depressed over that. Lucy then spots the mushroom they are after. Natsu asks if that is really it, to which Lucy responds that it looks exactly like the picture they were given. However, Happy says the request said to be careful of look alike mushrooms. Natsu says that if they bring back the wrong one, it will shame Fairy Tail, so he says Lucy should taste it, leading her to ask why it has to be her. As she and Natsu bicker, Happy takes a bite of the mushroom. Lucy hurriedly tries to get him to spit it out, saying it could be poisonous but Happy says she said there was no doubt. As Happy begins to choke, he then sprouts his own mushroom on his head. Happy then runs away, saying the joke isn't funny a second time. Lucy then notices that Natsu's head mushroom has grown, causing Happy to cry that Natsu gets all the good jokes.[2]

Happy's Little Job 3Edit

File:Lucy forget about her keys.png

Taking on a new job to exterminate a mouse problem in an old building, Happy wonders why they are doing this, to which Lucy responds that it is because Happy is a cat. Happy then resolves to continue, pulling out a fly swatter, but Lucy informs him that it is for flies and not mice but Happy doesn't care. Lucy asks if it will be alright as Natsu is not with them but Happy just smiles. As they enter the building, they are attacked by a mob of mice. As they run away, Lucy tells Happy to use his fly swatter but Happy tells her to use her keys. Lucy states she is doing all the work as she reaches for her keys but notices she forgot them, stunning Happy. Lucy wonders what they could do now. Happy shakes as he states they can't give up and that even a cornered mouse will bite a cat. As he begins to gain resolve, he then realizes he is the cat and panics again before Lucy tells him to be quiet. Suddenly, poison gas begins to fill the room, increasing their panic. Happy states that if only that had Horologium they could protect themselves but Lucy reminds him that she forgot her keys. Happy then remembers he has wings and takes off to go get the keys, leaving Lucy behind.[3]

Happy's Little Job 4Edit

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Happy, Lucy and Natsu take on a job to revive a nearly bankrupt restaurant, but as they get there, Lucy complains it is worse than she imagined. Natsu states that it is exactly how he imagined it, but Happy says making the place popular again will be difficult. Suddenly, the door opens and a shady woman greets them, scaring Lucy. The woman introduces herself and states that times are tough as they don't get many customers, prompting Lucy to think the problem may be the woman's creepiness. Happy and Natsu then try to state that Fairy Tail has the best food so they can fix the problem with the restaurant but Lucy sighs, saying Fairy Tail is not a restaurant. The woman takes them inside and serves them some soup, which everyone enjoys. Lucy asks what the broth is made from, which the woman states is the remains of her bathwater, causing Natsu, Lucy and Happy to vomit up the soup. Natsu then takes to the streets, yelling for everyone to come to the restaurant. The woman yells that they have soup made from her bathwater, which Lucy yells is the opposite of what needs to be said. Natsu continues from this, saying that it tastes better than you would expect. Lucy yells at him to not use the woman's tactics. Lucy then states she has no choice and begins to take her shirt off. Having take off her pants and shirt, Lucy walks the streets and tells everyone to come to the restaurant. Copying her, the old woman strips as well, scaring off the customers Lucy attracted. Lucy asks her if she wants any customers, but the woman responds she cannot be beaten in terms of female beauty. Happy then tries to play on his cuteness as a cat, but the old woman follows suit again as Lucy yells at her to stop.[4]

Happy's Little Job 5Edit

As Happy finishes a job to take a package to a delivery man, Lucy wonders why that job was given to a mage guild. Happy then takes the package and gives it to Lucy, as it was Happy's Christmas present to Lucy, a cake. As Lucy takes it back home and eats it, she learns it is fish flavored, disgusting her.[5]

Fairies at the BeachEdit

File:The Big mess at the Beach.jpg

Lucy heads to the beach for work, stating she will be in the Weekly Sorcerer Magazine and hopes she will become famous. Lucy states the camera crew is late but Happy says that Lucy is three hours early and that she is too eager. Natsu and Gray then state she is even wearing her own swimsuit. Shocked, Lucy asks them why they are there. She then determines that they just wanted to see her in her swimsuit. Covering herself up, she tells them to stop staring at her, but Natsu and Gray are playing with bugs instead. Happy taunts Lucy that she is lower than a bug, to which she tells him to shut up. Lucy then yells at everyone not to interfere with her photo shoot, but they all reply they are not interested, prompting her to ask why they are there. Natsu states he wanted to catch a wild boar, but Lucy tells him to go to the mountains for that. Erza then arrives and is surprised to see Lucy there. Erza states that Makarov wanted boar stew, which she says is such a hassle. Lucy, upset, says there are plenty of boars in the mountains. Lucy then notices Erza is still wearing armor. Erza then requips to an iron bikini, shocking Lucy. Erza states she has a steel one too. Gray then asks if Lucy has any experience with modeling, which she answers in the negative. Lucy then practices posing, which everyone tells her is bad. She then gives it a few more tries, getting better as she goes. As she continues posing more seductively, Natsu and Gray become incredibly excited. However, it turns out that they saw a boar and all three take off after it, trampling Lucy. Happy then holds up a sign saying 100 Jewels from one pose from Lucy, angering Lucy. Lucy, exclaiming that everyone is making fun of her, decides to summon Aquarias. Lucy then orders Aquarias to punish them, but she continues in making fun of Lucy. She then once again orders Aquarias to attack them again, but Taurus shows up unexpectedly. Taurus tries to grab Lucy but she tells him to get away. As the photographers show up, Taurus rips Lucy's top off, causing the photographers to leave, thinking they are taking pictures for a dirty magazine. Later at night, Lucy sits on the beach, stating they are late.[6]

Special Mission: Beware of Guys Who Show a Keen InterestEdit

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At the guild, Lucy sits around bored at the bar. Mirajane states that she should take a job but Lucy says Natsu wanted some rest. When Mira tries to say that she can take a job without Natsu, Lucy says she feels obligated to go with him. Mira states that Lucy and Natsu get on like a couple in love, to which Lucy angrily replies that it is nothing like that. Mira tells her to not be so sure as Natsu may have feelings for her but Lucy tells her its not funny. Lucy then sighs as she looks at Natsu and Happy pretending to be ninjas. Lucy then tells Mira that even if Natsu had feelings for her, she wouldn't be interested, but Mira says she thinks they would make a good couple. As Lucy walks home, she wishes Mira would keep her thoughts to herself. Arriving home, Natsu greets her, shocking her as she tells him to not act so nonchalant in the homes of others. Natsu then says he has something important to tell her as Lucy says that Natsu really likes it at her place. As she says the word like, Mira's words begin to echo in her mind, causing her to freak out and tell Natsu to leave. Natsu tries to say something but Lucy continues to yell at him to leave. Back at the guild, Natsu sneaks up on Lucy, asking her if she is better as he puts his arm around her, causing Lucy to freak out. Lucy begins to realize she is being too sensitive before hearing in the background members of the guild stating that they heard Natsu has a crush on a girl. Lucy begins to panic about what to do, saying she doesn't dislike Natsu but she has never even been on a date.
File:Natsu and Lucy.jpg
An image of a glistening Natsu then crosses her mind, which further freaks her out, before she takes it a step further, imagining herself hanging on his arm. Natsu then approaches her and tells her he has something important to tell her. He tells her to meet him at the tree in the south park and that it is important that she comes, blushing as he walks away and further causing Lucy to panic. Back at her apartment, she takes a bath while worrying what to do. She believes that Natsu is going to confess his love for her and continues to panic. As she gets ready, she wonders if she needs underwear. She has cancer cut her hair but punches him away, wondering what she is doing. Lucy finally dresses up nicely and heads to meet Natsu. As she sees him though, her panic sets in once more. Seeing Lucy, Natsu tells her she is late and tells her to bring out Virgo as he grabs a shovel. Stunned, Lucy asks what he is doing and Natsu explains the ground is too hard and he needs Virgo as he hears there is buried treasure under the ground. Natsu says that the treasure is embarrassing pictures of Fairy Tail members. Lucy, still stunned, states that she was told that Natsu had a crush on a girl and wanted to see her, to which Natsu replies they must have been talking about how he needed Virgo. Lucy proclaims she is an idiot and leaves. Back at the guild, Mira tells Lucy that she thinks Gray may have a thing for her.[7]

Fairy Academy: Yankee-kun and Yankee-chanEdit

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Second year student at Fairy academy, Lucy, enters school and is greeted by a few people in the hall before greeting those in her class. However, as she enters the classroom, a bucket of water falls on her head. Others in the class tell her that it must have been Natsu who did it. Natsu then arrives and angrily yells at Lucy that she ruined his planned prank for Gray. As Gray enters the room, he comments that Natsu and Lucy are all fired up, which they deny before Natsu yells at Gray for not falling for his prank. Gray says he would never fall for such a childish trick, but as he sits down, he leaps into the air as the chair is too hot. Gray and Natsu begin to bicker as Gray begins to strip but Lucy tells him to keep his clothes on. After class president Erza walks in, their teacher, Happy the cat, begins the lesson, but Lucy yells that they can't even see him behind his podium. After Happy gives up after no one can see him, Mirajane appears to cheer him up as Lucy stares in wonder at her, thinking she is so pretty. She then remarks that she stated that out loud once but Elfman told her that he would never approve of a weaker man dating his sister, to which Lucy replies she is not a man. As class draws to an end, Lucy wonders what is wrong with the school as all the lessons are about fish. As class lets out, Lucy watches all the girls swoon as Loke walks by. Cana then asks her if she wants to get a drink later, making her wonder if these people are actually high school students.
File:Erza's dating outfit.jpg
then asks Lucy if she would like to walk home with her, where she confides in Lucy that she was asked out on date, but punches Lucy when she says it too loudly. Erza says that she was asked on a date by Sieg, a student from another school and needs Lucy's help picking out clothes. Lucy has Erza tries on many sets of clothes before saying she doesn't need to take off her underwear each time, which makes Erza question Lucy about underwear. After Erza finally picks an outfit, she realizes it is late and tries to rush off to her date, but they are ambushed my students of Phantom Academy. They attempt to bully Erza and Lucy but Erza pulls out an iron pipe and beats them with it as Natsu and Gray arrive to back them up. Lucy tells Erza they can sneak off now but Erza continues to beat on the Phantom students, warning them to not mess with Fairy Academy. As the fight finishes, Sieg walks by and claims Erza is a demon and leaves, depressing Erza. To cheer her up, the group goes to karaoke and Lucy begins to realize she loves the school before falling victim to Natsu's water bucket prank again the next day.[8]


File:Adachi's Magic Trick.jpg

After four new people show up at the guild, Lucy clarifies for Natsu that they are there to work.[9] As everyone begins to get along, both Lucy and Shinigawa express shock over it before meeting eyes and noticing each others' looks. Natsu then asks them if they can use magic and shows them his. Adachi, seeing this, begins searching in her bag, prompting Lucy and Shinigawa to wonder what she is doing before she unveils her own "magic", making doves appear, which stuns Lucy. Adachi then begins stuffing Happy into her bag as Lucy looks on, horrified. As Adachi presents Fairy Tail with a gift, Lucy states it is pretty rare as Shinigawa continues to stare at her breasts. As Happy busts out of the bag wearing sunglasses, Lucy bursts into tears over how old fashioned they are. Lucy then comments to Shinigawa that they have good harmony. Chiba then decides he will show off the magic he has learned, utilizing Makarov's Titan, leaving Lucy and Shinigawa stunned once more. As Lucy and Shinigawa continue to watch events unfold, they begin to hold hands and Lucy gives him one of her keys. Shinigawa then tries to summon Plue, but he comes out deformed, shocking everyone and making Lucy cry. As the four then leave to go back to their school, they are surprised to see their friends from Fairy Tail have come to visit.[10]

Mira-Sensei's Transformation Magic LessonEdit

File:Natsu transformed into Lucy.jpg

Lucy decides that she needs to learn another kind of magic and so asks Mirajane to teach her transformation magic. Natsu and Happy decide to join in on the lesson, stating it sounds fun. Lucy asks why they want to learn transformation magic and Natsu responds that it is to expand on the range of pranks they can pull on people. Mira tells them that transformation magic can be very difficult, but they could learn a basic level rather quickly which excites Lucy and Natsu. After Mira displays a wide range of transformations, she has Lucy and Natsu face each other and try to transform into each other, but both fail at first. Mira tells Lucy that it may be difficult for a user of holder magic, as Natsu laughs at her. Natsu then proclaims he has a hang of it then and transforms into Lucy, leaving her breasts partially exposed due to his open jacket. Lucy rushes to cover him up and asks Mira if that counts as sexual harassment, causing her to laugh. Happy then decides he wants to transform into Lucy, causing Lucy to imagine Happy transforming himself into a fully naked version of herself. Happy then gives it a try, transforming his head into Lucy's with cat ears and cheeks. Everyone stares as Lucy says its creepy. Mira then transforms into Lucy in a bikini as all the guys stare. Lucy says it is a weird feeling having everyone mess with her body.[11]

Natsu and the Dragon EggEdit

Trying to get a book from a high shelf in the library, Lucy falls. Mirajane helps her up and asks if she is alright, to which she responds she is fine. As she gets up, she finds an old photo, which she asks Mirajane about.[12]

Welcome to Fairy FountainEdit

File:Slamander's Fountain.jpg

Makarov informs Lucy that he will be opening Fairy Tail's pool to the public and tells her that he is making everyone prepare attractions. He then asks her to try out all the attractions, which she does reluctantly. Her first stop is Natsu's attraction. She gets in the pool but quickly jumps out as Natsu heats the water. Gray then turns the pool to ice, further causing Lucy pain. She complains to Makarov but he takes her to the next attraction, where Juvia creates a water slide from her magic, which Lucy initially enjoys until Juvia sees Gray, distracting her and causing the slide to go wild. Lucy suggests they put Juvia somewhere she cannot see Gray. Lucy then continues with the attractions, being flown up high by Happy before being let go, being thrown into a pool of iron by Gajeel and having to face Erza in combat on a rotating log. Finally, Makarov holds Lucy in a pool of water in his hands as he uses his titan. When all is done, Lucy says that everything is okay for guild members, but opening that to the general public will result in fatalities. Makarov is disappointed, but Max comes along with a better idea for cash as they then open a booth selling pictures of Lucy in a bikini.[13]

The Day of the Fateful EncounterEdit

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One day at the guild, Cana says she wants a boyfriend. Lucy asks her why and Cana replies that with all the men gone for a little, her body has become lonely, causing Lucy to blush. Cana asks how many boys Lucy has dated and Lucy replies three, but Cana is able to tell she is lying. Cana asks her if she every thinks of having a boyfriend but Lucy sighs and says she really doesn't. Cana then pulls out one of her cards and tells Lucy that today is the day of her fateful encounter. Later, Lucy wonders what that even means and goes to pick out a book. As she does so, another hand grabs hers. Lucy blushes and tells the man who also reached for the book that he can have it but he insists that she takes it. Turning it over, she sees it is called "Fateful Encounter". She immediately drops the book and runs off. As she heads home, the guy from the library stops her. He asks her if she can guide him around town as he is writing a travel novel. After hitting it off, Lucy decides to guide him around the town and shows him many sights. Back at the guild, Lucy smiles as she has a drink. Natsu arrives and asks her what is with her goofy face. Lucy complains it is not goofy but Natsu tells her to come with him as they are going on a job. Remembering that the guy asked her to have dinner with her, she says she can't. Natsu and Happy, upon hearing this, become really sad and walk away. Mirajane tells Lucy that those two have been looking forward to doing a job with her all day. Lucy asks why and Mira says that they said it was Lucy's birthday, to which Lucy replies that it is not her birthday. Seeing that it is almost nine o'clock, Lucy heads up, but instead of going to dinner, Lucy heads to the train station to be with Natsu and Happy. She tells them it is not her birthday, but Natsu says that one year ago today, she joined Fairy Tail, causing Lucy to cry and realize her fateful encounter was one year ago.[14]

Welcome to Fairy HillsEdit

File:Lucy looks for a job.jpg
After noticing a strange request on the request board one day, Lucy asks Nab what it is. Nab says he believes it is a prank as it is not like the other requests. Mirajane comes along to check the records and states she is uneasy about it. After telling Lucy the address on the request is their female dormitory, Lucy heads off to check it out. Lucy brings Plue along and tells him that if she had known there was a female dormitory, she would not have gotten such an expensive apartment. Suddenly, an old woman appears and tells Lucy about the expense of a room there. She then scares Lucy before stopping upon realizing she is a female. The women then introduces herself as Hilda, the matron of the dormitory and asks her if she is there for the job. Lucy then yells at Hilda for posting a job with no reward. Hilda asks if she is there to play a prank but Lucy insists that it is Hilda who is pulling the prank. Lucy asks Hilda why she cannot ask one of the girls who live there to help her but Hilda responds that she cannot and needs the help of someone who does not live there.
File:Lucy kitty suit.png
After some time, Lucy accepts the job and Hilda gives her a cat suit she must wear while doing the job. After changing into the suit, Lucy comments that it is so embarrassing and Hilda tells her to add "meow" on to the end of her sentences. Lucy asks if she can just go home, but Hilda calls he trash for not being able to do the job. Lucy the agrees to stay and due the job. Hilda tells her the job is simple, she lost a shining treasure somewhere in the dormitory and needs it to be found. Hilda tells he to keep it a secret but as she says so, Erza calls out to Lucy from her window. After some small talk, Lucy notices that Hilda is gone. Erza then invites Lucy in to show her around. After Erza stares at her for a moment, Lucy says she is free to comment on her clothes, but Erza says it suits her. Erza then requips to her own cat suit, which she says she thought was the latest fashion. Erza shows Lucy around, leading her to Levy's room which is full of books. Levy tells Lucy that she gives books to Erza sometimes. She then whispers to Lucy that Erza seems to enjoy more erotic books. Upon hearing this, Erza throws Levy into a wall before leading Lucy on. Their next stop is Biska's room and Lucy is amazed at all the animals she has. Heading on to Juvia's room, Juvia serves them tea, but secretly gives Lucy chili rather than tea, causing her great pain. Finally, Erza takes Lucy to her room, which is actually 5 interconnected rooms. Erza states she has too much stuff so she needs all the rooms. Lucy is amazed at all her armors she keeps in her rooms and sees a small tutu, which Erza says Natsu gave her. Erza then says she is off to have a bath, but Lucy says she does not want to go. After Erza walks out, Hilda reappears asking if Lucy has found the treasure yet. Lucy questions Hilda about it, leading Hilda to state it is somewhere in the dark. Lucy then rushes to the attic to see if it is there. In the attic, Lucy sees something shining and goes after it, only to learn that it is a peephole into the girls' bath. Lucy then follows the light and sees it shines on a map. Heading to where the light points on the map, Lucy finds the treasure. She calls to Hilda, but only Erza comes. Lucy asks Erza where Hilda is, which shocks Erza. She then informs Lucy that Hilda died 6 years ago. Erza then notices the box Lucy is holding and Hilda says she met Hilda and was asked to find it. They then open the box, revealing many jewels. Erza then explains that though Hilda was tough, she deeply cared for all the girls and bought them toy jewels one day. However there were not enough for everyone, upsetting Hilda.
File:The Fairy Hills request disappears.JPG
Erza passed on them, saying they did not suit her, something she regretted. Later that night, Hilda went to Erza's room and promised her that when she grew up, she would give her her real jewels. She tells the young Erza that a cat princess will bring her her jewels when she is older, Erza then decides to split the jewels with everyone, realizing Lucy, in her cat suit, is the promised cat princess delivering the jewels. As Lucy notices the request form, it begins to disappear, taking her cat suit with it and leaving Lucy naked.[15]

Rainbow SakuraEdit

While the rest of the guild watches the cherry blossoms of magnolia, Lucy sits at home, sick. Natsu arrives to take her to the cherry blossoms, but she says she is too sick and is going to bed. Natsu recalls just the other day she was so excited when she heard about it and really wanted to go. As Lucy lies in bed, she cannot fall asleep. Hearing a ruckus from outside, Lucy looks out her window to see one of the cherry blossom trees floating down the river on a boat. The next day, Lucy, cheerful, says she is all better. Makarov asks who uprooted one of the trees and Lucy thanks Natsu and Happy, but the two deny having done it.[16]


File:Lucy gives Natsu another book.png

Arriving home, Lucy finds Natsu and Happy in her apartment again. She tells them she wants a bath, which Natsu says she should go do, but Lucy yells at him that she can't while they are there. Lucy tells them she will play with them later but first she wants a bath so she sends them off. After Natsu and Happy accidentally destroy her book, Happy tries to trick Lucy. He asks if he can borrow the book while she is in the bath, but she exclaims that they cannot have that one. They try to say it is an interesting read, which shocks Lucy that they could read. She tells them they can borrow it but they have to take good care of it as it is special. Later at the guild, Lucy asks if they have begun to read it, but she can quickly tell that they have not. After pushing them to read it, she reveals it is special to her as it is a memento of her mother, further sending Natsu and Happy into dismay. With no other option left, Natsu tells Lucy the truth about the book, which causes her to cry and storm off. Three days later, Lucy returns to the guild and apologizes to Natsu and Happy, revealing she has many copies of the book they destroyed. She tells them that they are books she self published years ago and tells them that she said it was a memento of her mother as it is based on a story her mother told her. The book never sold though and that is why she was so happy when they said it was interesting. She was so sad before because she got her hopes up that they would read it and find it interesting. Lucy continues to apologize but Natsu says it was he and Happy who were in the wrong. Gray then interrupts them, setting a Coca-Cola down and telling them to drink up as no matter what happens, it is a taste they will always remember, just like their team.[17]

Happy in BootsEdit

In order to get his master, Natsu, to marry Princess Lucy, Happy brings many gifts to the palace each day for the king, which he claims are from Natsu. As the gifts continue to come, Lucy begins to fall for Natsu, whom she has never met. Telling Happy that she must meet his master, Happy takes her to go meet Natsu. Happy tries to introduce Natsu to Lucy, but Natsu, having lived in the wilderness for some time now, had become barbaric and repulses Lucy, who decides to go home.[18]

Welcome to Natsu's HouseEdit

File:Inside Natsu's house.png

One day, Lucy decides to follow Natsu to his house. She waits for him and Happy to leave so that she can sneak in and repay him for all the times he entered her apartment while she was not there. She imagine sitting on his couch, only to have him come home, shocked to find her there. As she enters the home though, she finds it is a complete mess. Looking around though, she notices Natsu is very sentimental, keeping souvenirs and job requests from jobs he did with Lucy. Lucy decides to clean the house while she waits. After making the house spotless, she waits for a while more before deciding to leave. Back home, she finds Natsu and Hapy had been sleeping in her room the entire team. Initially mad, she softens up when she finds Natsu is dreaming about her.[19]

Fairy Tail x RaveEdit

File:Elie meets Happy.png

Out on a mission, Lucy and Happy search for Natsu, who became separated from them when the horse attached to their carriage goes wild. Luct tells Happy she wishes the job would be over with as she wants to go sight seeing. Happy says they should finish the job themselves but Lucy says the target is an extremely powerful magic user and they cannot do it alone. Suddenly, a young girl approaches Happy, calling him a bug and surprising Lucy. Lucy asks who she is and the girl informs her that her name is Elie. Elie asks Lucy if she has seen a guy with spiky, messed up silver hair and Lucy responds she is looking for a guy with spiky, messed up pink hair. Elie says they are looking for the same thing but Lucy says her guy has pink hair. Elie then asks if she can have Happy, to which Lucy responds that if she doesn't knock it off, she will knock her into next week.[20] Sitting on a park bench, Elie informs Lucy that she has amnesia. Lucy then formally introduces herself and Happy while Happy hides behind Lucy, saying he is a cat. Griff then arrives with Plue, making Lucy question what is happening. Seeing Plue, Lucy is shocked and asks Elie if she is a Celestial Spirit mage, finding it odd they names their Nikoras the same thing. Griff notices Lucy and asks her if he can have a hug, which causes Lucy to back away.[21] Taking notice of Elie then, Happy and Lucy notice she matches the description of their target. Lucy is hesitant to believe it but decide to test her, asking her if she likes casinos, as their target destroyed a casino. Elie exclaims she loves casinos and Happy and Lucy shocking exclaim that she is the target. As Lucy and Happy ponder what to do, they hear a ruckus coming from the casino.[22] Investigating, they find their target was actually Erza, who has been causing trouble at the casino in the area. Lucy apologizes to Elie and as they head home, Lucy sighs in disbelief that Erza was actually the target.[23]

Whose Clothes are These?Edit


After Gray burst into the guild one day, wondering where his clothes are, a game of switching clothes begins. Erza approaches Lucy and tells her they should give it a try. After swapping clothes, Lucy can barely move due to the weight of the armor.[24] After everyone swaps clothes many times, Erza asks if Lucy wants to try her most powerful armor, the Seduction Armor, which Lucy quickly rejects. Erza and Lucy bicker over whether or not that armor suits Lucy before Jet and Droy try to get Levy to wear the armor, causing Lucy to yell at them.[25]

Fairy WomanEdit

While on a job with Natsu, Lucy spots Erza wearing odd clothes. As Erza goes to punish Lucy for calling her clothes odd, she transforms, scaring Lucy. The next day, after Erza takes out the store she bought the outfit from for selling military weapons, Lucy congratulates her on taking out evildoers.[26]

First MorningEdit

On a crowded street, Lucy walks past Éclair while yelling at Natsu for having destroyed the hotel. Their eyes meet and Lucy chases after her but loses her in the crowd.[27]

Fairies' Penalty GameEdit

After the two Fairy Tail teams reunite, Makarov decides they should play a game where the winning team gets to tell the other team what to do for a day. Lucy worries what she will be made to do if she loses.[28] After B team wins, Lucy apologizes to Levy as the punishment begins.[29] As the day ends, Lucy begs for someone to help her.[30]


Welcome to Fairy Hills!Edit

File:Lucy Kitty Suit.png

Lucy takes on a job of searching for a missing object, albeit with no reward. Forced to dress in a revealing cat costume, Lucy searches for a sparkling object in a dark place, all over the Fairy Hills Dormitory. In her quest, she sees the rooms of the Fairy Tail tenants. Eventually, Lucy finds a small treasure box in a hole of a tree trunk. Erza then joins her and as they open it, they find several jewelries, and Erza recalls the time their matron Hilda was still alive, and how the jewelries were her gift to her as a child. She also says that the treasures should be divided evenly to the Fairy Tail tenants, and to Lucy who found them. As the truth behind Lucy's quest is revealed, the request flyer disappears in the air, as well as her costume. Later on, another odd job is present in the Guild's board, and Hilda reappears to wish Lucy good luck. The latter yells for the matron to pass away already.[31]

Fairy Academy: Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!Edit

File:Lucy - Fairy Academy student.JPG

Lucy transfers into Fairy Academy, where several weird students abound, including most of her classmates, and her cat teacher, Happy. On one afternoon after their classes end, Lucy and Wendy help Erza prepare for her date. They are later confronted by students of Courage Academy, whom Erza furiously beats up. The next day, the same Courage Academy gang declares war upon Fairy Academy, while Erza, having not recovered from the events of the previous day, seeks Lucy's help once again. A conflict breaks out between the students as soon as Gajeel and his gang arrive. Lucy calls forth her strongest friend and their teacher, Aquarius, who blasts everyone with a water hose. Days later when everything is finally normal and quiet once again, Lucy considers that she may learn to love her new school after all.[32]

Memory DaysEdit

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Lucy and the rest of the group are cleaning the Guild's Library for punishment. Lucy asks Natsu where he got the scar on his neck and he says he doesn't want to remember. Then Lucy falls from her ladder which then leads the gang to try to save her, accidentally all bumping heads and opening a book. Suddenly they are all transported to the past. When Natsu, Gray, and Happy run off Erza tells Lucy to find them and to not make contact with anyone. She also tells her to wear a disguise of a bunny suit. When she enters the old guild, Lucy sees many of her friends when they were younger. Later, she saves a little girl in a loose carriage where she flashes her Fairy Tail stamp. It will later be revealed that the little girl was in fact her younger self. Finally Erza finds Gray and Happy and she tells them that if they don't find Natsu soon they will be stuck in the past on the day that Natsu got the scar. They eventually find out it was Natsu who caused the scar and they all are transported back to their own time.

Fairies' Training CampEdit

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Lucy and the group go to the beach for training camp as preparation for the Grand Magic Games. On the first day, she is seen playing with Levy and Wendy instead of training. However, the situation gets out of control when Natsu and Gray start to create troubles where she can only be shocked and worried, wondering if Fairy Tail has to take responsibilities for all the mess they caused. Later at night, Lucy and the girls get drunk and she acts awkwardly around Natsu, going as far as to ask Natsu to pet her and carry her to the bathroom. After the girls get sobered, all of them take a bath at the hot spring and Lucy starts telling the other girls her story about her cleaning Natsu and Happy's house and that she feels really happy about how Natsu and Happy really treasure their memories of their experiences together.[33]

Video GamesEdit

Sunday VS Magazine: Shuuketsu! Choujou Daikessen!Edit

Lucy is a playable character in the game Sunday VS Magazine: Shuuketsu! Choujou Daikessen!, along with Natsu.[34]

Fairy Tail Gekitou! Madoushi KessenEdit

Lucy is a playable character in the game Fairy Tail Gekitou! Madoushi Kessen as one of the starting players.[35] She possesses the following moves in this game:

  • Magic Level 1: Taurus (タウロス, Taurosu)
  • Magic Level 1: Virgo (バルゴ, Barugo)
  • Magic Level 2: Sagittarius (サジタリウス, Sajitariusu)
  • Magic Level 2: Leo (レオ, Reo)
  • Magic Level 3: Aquarius (アクエリアス, Akueriasu)

Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia DaiseidouEdit

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In the video-game Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou, Lucy is a playable character.[36] In this game, she possesses the following moves:

  • Main: Aquarius (アクエリアス, Akueriasu)
  • Sub 1: Virgo (バルゴ, Barugo)
  • Sub 2: Lyra (リラ, Rira)
  • Sub 3: Taurus (タウロス, Taurosu)
  • Super: Leo (レオ, Reo)

Fairy Tail Portable GuildEdit

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Lucy appears as a playable character in the first Fairy Tail video game, Fairy Tail Portable Guild, and is playable only if you unlock her through quests.[37] Her tagline in the game is: "I didn't beat a gorilla! This is madness!" She has no element, and she possesses the following Spells in the game:

  • The Water Bearer Aquarius: Cost 4 MP, Default Technique
  • The Golden Bull Taurus: Cost 4 MP, Can be purchased in the shop immediately after Lucy is unlocked.
  • The Giant Crab Cancer: Cost 4 MP, Can be purchased in the shop immediately after Lucy is unlocked.
  • The Canis Minor Nikora: Cost 4 MP, Lucy must be at lv5 to purchase it in the shop.
  • The Clock Horologium: Cost 4 MP, Lucy must be at lv10 to purchase it in the shop.
  • The Maiden Virgo: Cost 4 MP, Lucy must be at lv15 to purchase it in the shop (might need to finish the DAYBREAK arc first).
  • The Lyre Lyra: Cost 4 MP, Lucy must be at lv20 to purchase it in the shop.
  • The Archer Sagittarius: Cost 4 MP, Lucy must be at lv30 to purchase it in the shop.
  • The Ram Aries: Cost 4 MP, Lucy must be at lv45 and you must use the unlock password to purchase it in the shop
  • The Lion Leo: Cost 4MP, Finish the event mission of Lucy and Loke and you'll automatically get this technique (technically speaking, the player has to be at lv50 and above to achieve this).

Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2Edit

Lucy Heartfilia is a playable character in the sequel to Fairy Tail Portable Guild, Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2. She is playable from the beginning.[38]

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