While G-d is not above Sterilizing the poor in order to stop them from taking more of his money, thereby crossing the class barrier and then taking even more of his money, he is not above asking for donations from said Poor People in order to acquire a new laptop on his road towards world domination. He accepts Dollars, Pounds Sterling and in most cases, such things as Drachma, Rappy Dollars and other such currency in great circulation on Wikia. He is also known to go Leprechaun hunting in order to steal their pots of gold for the same purpose, so those of you who are short and pretend to be tall human, beware. He is supporting Ron Paul for the same cause as he is useful in the search for the pots of gold at a higher level, but is still a pawn. If you want to avoid getting in the way of his quest, provide him with a better laptop now, thanks.

Donations Edit

  • Sabrazzi
    • 100 Rappy Bucks
  • SunnyXia
    • 1000 You Want My Pot Gold Reminders

Kageroza Inaba